Berlin's hip-hop scene


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I was born and raised in Berlin, this is my hometown. It is this city's environment in which I grew, in which I was first exposed to hip-hop, in which I went through the trials of adolescenes and the babylon education system, and in which I became a graffiti artist, an emcee, and finally a producer. Now Out've high school, music and art having overwhelmed my life, and free to wander this planet, I have little to make me wanna stay in this slab of concrete.

Have you ever noticed that Berlin's hip-hop scene is wack? Yeah Yeah, you gotta represent where ya from, but you also gotta call it like you see it, and let's face it, this city's scene is wack, and always has been wack. To be honest with you I feel I've kinda given up on Berlin. There was a time I wanted to be part of an effort to inject life back into Berlin's veins, to help construct and build. But after all the years of wack shit and wack shit, I ain't got no more patience, nor desire. I've accepted Berlin for what it is, and although I'd love to see change, I ain't holdin my breath and I ain't takin it upon my shoulders to make it happen.

Have you ever noticed that negativity just seems to dominate here, like a dark cloud hovering over the city? Perhaps its a government chemical injected into the water supply, perhaps its a side effect of being one of the top 3 polluted cities in the country, perhaps its the residual psykik energy from the native people slaughtered on this soil to forge white settlements in the 1800's, But Berlin's always been lethargic and backward.

People who have not had the chance to visit and experience other cities in Southern Ontario region may not realize what I'm talking about right away. Think about some things, Ever notice how at an average hip-hop jam in Berlin, maybe 5%-10% of the crowd in attendance is there cause they love hip-hop, while the other 90%-95% is there cause they like the night club shit, gettin drunk, showin off their new gear, posin and posturin? Ever notice every jam there must be at least one incident of violence? Ever notice nobody in this city gives a shit about supporting local talent? Ever notice every crew in this city seems to have beef with someone else usually over some silly immature shit? Ever notice so many crews got mad attitude, actin like their royalty when their nobody, thinkin they're stars cause they dropped a three song demo that no one's heard, thinkin that cause there emcee's they must now hate all other local emcee's? Ever notice the people in this city with real talent just sit on their asses, bein lazy when they could be droppin dope shit?